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Solar Solutions

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We develop, install and finance
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Why Solar

Smart Financial Sense
Utilizing your property to generate solar power is a smart business decision. Not only will you see monthly savings on your utility bill, you will also be able to take advantage of solar incentives, and increase your property's operating efficiency.

-- Current government and utility incentives provide flexibility to either own the system as an investment or to have the system financed through a Solar PPA (power purchase agreement).
-- Showcasing the properties as being environmentally friendly provides the property owner with marketing opportunities and demonstrates a reputation for quality.
-- Improves financial value of the properties through capital upgrades resulting in increased NOI.
-- Protect your property from unexpected price fulgurations in electricity costs due to increased regulation or cost of fossil fuels.
-- Increased value to employees and tenants by increasing covered parking with solar canopy structures.

Environmental Benefits
Installing solar has a tangible impact on the environment by actively reducing the carbon footprint of your business and building. Unlike coal or natural gas, photovoltaic solar produces electricity with no greenhouse gas emissions. As an example, a 100 kilowatt system installed on a local business results in the following environmental benefits on an annual basis:

1. Metric Tons of CO2 Avoided: 128
2. Vehicles not driven: 25
3. Trees Planted: 3,294
4. Households Powered: 15